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Holiday Essentials for Your Doggies

by Sarene Maev Butao December 25, 2018

Holiday Essentials for Your Doggies

All we want for Christmas is for us to spend quality time with our family as well as our loving pets. Christmas is one of the most magical days that anyone could experience which also goes the same for our pet doggies. The season turns the air into cold and chilling, fireworks light up the evening, and foods that line up in our table makes the entire Holiday much more magical as compared to other celebrations.

Even if we’re already very much comfortable with our selves, we have to prioritize the needs of our pets also. There are many things we could do to improve the Holiday experience for our pooches such as buying raincoats to keep them dry during downpour days, jackets to keep them warm all day long, shoes to ensure their toes’ comfortability, bowls to accommodate the feast you’re about to give them, and grooming kits to maintain their cleanliness. Not only would they be comfortable, but they’d also look so cute while doing it!

Here are some of the items you could buy to keep your pups cool and comfortable during the Holiday season:


Dog Warm & Waterproof Jacket Vest Coat

Many coats are good during winter, but nothing is as perfect as this coat that would keep your doggies warm and dry because of its waterproof feature. It keeps your canine friends cozy throughout the winter made explicitly for the season which makes it all the more valuable.

The comfortability and convenience that the vest offers is one you could never pass since it would help your pet dogs survive the freezing weather and during heavy rain days.

Christmas Pet Clothes Costume Apparel

Looking for a way to accessorize your doggies for the Holiday season? The Christmas-themed costume allows you to do precisely that while keeping them warm during the cold season! The pet clothing is designed like the traditional costume of Santa Claus with a red hat to add to the cuteness of your dog!

Nothing’s better than celebrating the spirit of Christmas with your pet, wearing matching outfits, and staying warm for the duration of the season. This particular type of clothing goes out to every pet lovers who want to have a good time with their pooches during the Holidays and taking memorable photos.

4 Pieces Waterproof & Anti-Slip Dog Shoes

Socks and shoes are a staple item to have for us when winter comes. Our feet are susceptible to the coldness that the season offers, and our pet doggies are no exemption to that. Our dogs also need shoes to allow them to walk safely on snowy, icy, and areas where there’s cold water since there’s no shortage of them during winter.

It’s very soft and comfortable to use, making it an ideal item to have during the Holiday season. It’s designed specifically for tiny dogs and puppies to keep them from harming themselves and encountering dangers by themselves. You won’t have to worry about your pup’s paws since these dog shoes are made of breathable nylon which is durable and light.

Food and Water Bowls

3 Pieces Portable Pet Bowls

For most of us workaholics, the Holiday season is probably the only time we could travel to distant places or visit vacation spots with our family as well as our dogs. Traveling with doggies are one of the most amazing things you could do and having a bowl to feed them for the duration of the trip is one of the holiday essentials we would like to recommend to you.

The three pieces portable pet bowls are easy to clean, very light for carrying and has different sections to hold food and water whenever you want to feed them. The non-slip collapsible is a fantastic feature that contains the food without spilling any of it, and it collapses whenever you want it to, making it a great space saver!

Pet Clever Drinking Fountain for Freshest Water

Staying hydrated is one of the essential things our doggies have to do to survive the winter. Drinking water has never been more accessible with this drinking fountain for your canine companions! We usually don’t want to be disturbed when we have our Home Alone 2 movie marathon by our dogs that keeps on barking asking for water.

The drinking fountain solves that issue as it could automatically provide them with the freshest and cleanest water in an instant. The built-in LED light is also a fantastic way for your pet doggies to drink water during the night more comfortable. It’s a perfect fountain since it also filters the water for any kind of dirt or stray hairs away. Let your pooches stay hydrated all winter long with this fantastic drinking fountain!


Dog Grooming Hair Brush

With Christmas almost coming, we get to spend more time at our homes and our pets. One way of bonding with them is through grooming them and brushing their hair. No brush is better than the dog grooming hair brush that allows you to remove mats, tangles in their fur, and excess hair while keeping them safe and sound.

The 360-degree rotating head allows you to brush your pet doggy at any angle, making it comfortable and easy to use since you’d be able to reach the inaccessible areas easily. It’s specifically designed for your dogs and following the natural pattern of their fur, making it one of the best grooming brush in the market.

Ultra-Absorbent Microfiber Dog Drying Bath Towel

Bath time is much more difficult when the Christmas season is fast approaching since the air and water are colder than usual. By having an ultra-absorbent microfiber dog drying bath towel, you could make bath time more comfortable. Draining them at the quickest way would end their agony of exposing their wet bodies to cold air, so it’s definitely a must-have during the winter season. 


Christmas is the time of giving and enjoying it with our loved ones. I can’t think of a more magical celebration we have when it comes to bonding with our family as well as the extended family that we have, our pets. Make the most out of the moment and turn what is already a magical season into a much more extraordinary season!

Sarene Maev Butao
Sarene Maev Butao

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