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Here’s Where Cats Want To Be Petted

by Albert John September 26, 2017

Here’s Where Cats Want To Be Petted

  • Right behind their ears.

For other cats, the best spot for petting is right behind their ears. They will lean into your hands like they are begging for you to rub them for a longer time. These cats who love this spot like it when you rub and pet around underneath and the sides of their ears. But do not even think about touching their actual ears because the moment you do it, your cat might snap out of her daydream, run away and would look back at you as if you have done the worst crime in the world to her.

  • Right by their tails.

At times, cats like to be petted on the haunches. This part is the area where the tail of the cat meets the end of her back.


  • Under their chins.

If you pet your cat under her chin, she will more likely sit patiently while you are rubbing it and the areas around the side of her face. She will then lift her head as high as she can while she loudly purrs with every scratch and rubs under her chin.



  • Shoulders and necks.

Every cat has its own preferences as well. Other cats like the deep tissue massage given to them on their shoulders and necks while feeding them. They would perfectly sit still, their paws on the ground while lowering their heads to sink into every rubbing motion. Do not forget to apply the right amount of pressure to make them feel happy.

Albert John
Albert John

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