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Here’s What Cats Are Thinking About Us

by Sarene Maev Butao December 19, 2018

Here’s What Cats Are Thinking About Us

Animals are very smart beings. We don’t give them as much as credit as far as thinking goes, especially in the case of our four legged feline pets, cats. Cats are known for being notoriously mysterious. They do things we do not understand as human being and we have always wondered what goes on in their minds – more specifically, what do our pet cats think about us being their owners. If you ever wondered the same thing, then you are in luck! Several researchers have looked into this and all found out various things about our beloved cat’s way of thinking.

When you are a pet lover, you can’t help but carry out a conversation with your pet cat or dog. Although they do not answer or respond just like humans do, we know that they are listening. Still, we can’t help but wonder what do these cats really think about human being or what goes on in their brains all day. Here are some of the facts we have gathered.

Does my cat love me back or not?

This may come off as really hurtful, but cats don’t love you back. Well, not as much as dogs do. A study in the University of Lincoln in the United Kingdom believe and found out that cats don’t give out affection like their famous pet counterpart does. Evidence can be traced with the animal’s evolutionary history with humans. A dogs’ relationship with humans started around 32,000 years ago and both beings have developed together for a long time. Cats on the other hand, have began cohabitating with humans around 9,000 years only, and much of these interactions only consist of chasing rats in our homes and secretly eating our food – not that much of a relationship isn’t it?  Cats just simply look at human being as providers of their food and cleaning up after their mess. But, don’t get cats wrong, they’re just being themselves. We are pretty sure cats show affection in pretty unique ways we might not notice directly.

Cats think differently than dogs

Scientists believe that cats have a different way of thinking than dogs. Whereas our canine companions change their behavior when with humans or interacting with humans, cats do not. Our feline friends do not alter their behavior when interacting with humans. How they behave together with their fellow cats is how they also behave with us. A cat’s overall behavior maybe characterized with a subtlety, and each cat has a specific ‘weirdness’ or a unique trait, so it is fair to think that cats indeed, think differently than dogs. There are times when a cat would appreciate your company and attention, and there are times when it needs space. But why do cats do this? It’s because cats do not seem to understand that humans are different from them.

They like to observe humans

Have you notices that your cat likes to stare at you a lot? That’s because of their curious nature. They are curious with whatever their owners do, from washing dishes, preparing their food, working on a computer, everything! As cats observe us, they also observe our behaviors and are mentally taking notes of what their owners like and do not. For example, they know which human is most likely to give them treats or food, which human is most likely to scold them if they do something bad, etc. Still, it is only for the sake of knowing how humans act, they still do not understand what we are.

Cats think you are just a bigger cat

So you want to know what cats think about you? Well, they just think you are a bigger cat than them. This perception by cats makes a lot of sense because cats believe that they can control human beings the same way they can control other felines in that matter. It was even mentioned earlier that unlike dogs, cats do not alter their behavior when interacting with humans. So basically, cats treat us like a bigger, more capable, cat. They just don’t think that humans are different from them! That is why they do things to us the typical things they do to other cats (i.e. rubbing their bodies against our legs, kneading us, etc.) these are actions and behaviors they are meant to do to other cats, especially cats they respect. If your cat needs something to play with, we recommend a cat tree. Find other cat toys as well here.

Other scientists believe that cats treat us the same way they behave and treat their mothers. Actions such as licking us, kneading us, jumping up to stare and talk at us, these are actions commonly observed in a cat interacting with their mother. The reason why this is possible is that cats develop their first interaction with their mothers only. Since cats are solitary animals in nature, the only non aggressive behavior they show is towards other cats, specifically their mother. Because this is the only interaction they knew, it is typical that they would exhibit this in their other interactions. Other explanation for this is they want to make humans feel maternal to them, to get what they want. Cats are manipulative up to the point that they would make you feel better just to get something in return. They believe that if they treat a human being right and show them a bit of affection here and now, then they would get a reward for doing so. A great reward could be a stylish cat collar.

We still got a lot to learn from a human-cat relationship. What we know for now is that cats do not behave like dogs and are not that affectionate as them. However, this does not mean that cats are bad animals to have as pets, they just behave like themselves, and where’s the harm in that? We find it quite assuring actually that cats look at us the same way they look at themselves. That makes our relationship with cats more special and meaningful. Your cats do love you and they have their own unique way of showing it.

Sarene Maev Butao
Sarene Maev Butao

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