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Harness or collar for your pet? We’ll help you make the call.

by Ibtissam Bouseta November 13, 2020

Harness or collar for your pet? We’ll help you make the call.

PetClever furry models are wearing :

Watermelon pet set of collar and leash.

Plaid dog breathable harness.

Adventure harness leash.


 Seek your pet’s comfort using their help.


Walks with your pet are very relaxing and pleasant to have, as they’re perfectly behaved on the leash, never running after birds and squirrels, never sprinting across the street to sniff the neighbor’s dog and of course, never attempting to wiggle out of their collars. Such a wonderful time, right? Well, unless it isn’t. If none of this sounds familiar, chances are you’re still working on mastering the art of walking your pet and haven’t made up your mind on which is the best gear for your pet. To collar or to harness, that is the question. We have gathered a list of pros and cons of each one to help you make your decision today. 


On one hand, collars are known to be the common solution when walking pets, dogs especially. They come in a variety of styles, and offer a significant freedom in pet’s choosing their own walking path when compared to harness. A collar can certainly be gentle on your pet and cause no discomfort when it’s good quality and most importantly, when it receives no rebellious behavior from your pet. Overall collars are a good option for well-behaved pets and ones that don’t suffer from respiratory problems. 


On the other hand, harness gives owners more control, incidents of the collar or the leash getting tangled around your pet will not occur. Harness is also recommended for breeds that are prone to respiratory problems like Pugs and French Bulldogs as it offers less restriction. However, depending on the harness material and quality, it can get slightly uncomfortable if used for long hours during the day.


You still don’t know which one is best for your pet? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you. If your dog isn’t used to going on walks, isn’t trained, has a wild spirit or in case you are thinking about getting your indoor cat familiar with the outside world, we recommend you start their training with a harness, it allows you to be in full control providing your pet with a sense of safety. Throughout their training, your pet will reveal to you the nature of their personality in the outdoors; do they get fearful of sudden movements or loud sounds and start sprinting irrationally endangering themselves? Or do they walk confidently and unbothered with their surroundings, solely interested in remaining close to you no matter what they encounter? Your pet’s behavior in different walking scenarios will provide you with the answer of whether to remain reliant on harness exclusively, switch to collars to give them more freedom, switch back and forth between harness and collars depending on the weather, destination and other changing factors or to completely skip both and just have them walk and run beside you freely.

Ibtissam Bouseta
Ibtissam Bouseta

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