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Getting to Know Purr-fection with Hilarious Cats

by Albert John March 27, 2017

Getting to Know Purr-fection with Hilarious Cats

While most of us often think that cats are just another group of indifferent animals, cats also have these hilarious sides not everyone often get to witness. We might see them as kind of snob but you will never know the true color of a thing if you don’t actually get to wait for them. There are still a lot of things to know about cats. Unfortunately, we are also preoccupied with many other things. Trust me, you will surely watch over your cats after this.

It is not as if we always get to witness funny and hilarious events with animals. Can you even imagine a cat doing exhibitions at your back? No. Because they are always pouting and we feel like they do not care about the world. However, we can’t always know the real side and character of an animal or a person if we don’t spend that much of time with them. Therefore, get to know these hilarious things that cats often do and promise me you will look at your cat often now.

Cats can’t taste sweet things.

Guess what? Cats do not know chocolates. Pretty sure you’re feeling sorry for them. It is believed by scientists that there is a mutation in a key taste receptor that causes these cats to not being able to taste sweets. This is sad. However, it is sure they won’t be craving for chocolates like you always do.

How playful is your cat? Watch this cute video to make your day extra special!   


Cats drink seawater.

This is probably one of the most tap-water-saving creatures! They won’t have to drink the normal drinking water anymore because cats can definitely drink salty seawater. Bet you’re wishing to be a cat right now. Cats have kidneys that are capable of filtering out salt and use this water content to hydrate their bodies! Are you wondering now if cats have secret gills? Sorry but they don’t have one.

From now on, you must train your cat on how to use your toilet. Watch this video below:



Cats can’t see directly below their noses.

How many of you do you love cats’ noses? Yes, those cute little noses. Imagine how small those are but it has the ability to hinder the vision of cats below them. This is the reason why cats can’t see food below their noses and miss the chance to have the food. However, even if they can’t always see their food, they are still cute and that is probably one of the most important things for cat owners.

Albert John
Albert John

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