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Getting To Know Paw-esome Dogs On Earth!

by Albert John September 14, 2017

Getting To Know Paw-esome Dogs On Earth!

Most of us think that dogs are just animals that do amazing acts, can be trained to do things and ones that are known to be the best companion. We love dogs but we do not really know the other facts about them. Have we even thought of trivia about dogs? No. That is because we are settled with the current notion about them. Would it even hurt us to dig a little bit deeper? We might have that certain notions inside us but it will never be enough to know about dogs. Their paw-esome traits that some people actually miss to knowing about are the things that we all do not often hear.



Understanding dogs is never that easy especially when they can’t do anything to verbally introduce their own self t to us. Fortunately, they can’t talk but they have the capability to show their affection to their owners. Like what we always experience, dogs have these special greetings. It is either you get a warm hug or a slimy face but it is actually worth it all.



Here are some of the amazing and paw-esome facts about dogs here on Earth!



Petting puppies lowers our blood pressure.


When was the last time you got upset but eventually made your day wonderful after petting your dog? Science says that dog are natural stress relievers. Psychologically, we feel this connection to our dogs when we pet them. This brings us the overwhelming feeling of having a dog companion. Dogs provide us the comfort that not everyone in the room can give. Paw-esome!



Take a look at this cute video on how awesome dogs are by Wiggie Tv: 



They curl up when sleeping to warm themselves and protect vital organs.


Whenever you see dogs curled up when they are sleeping, what are you often immediately think is that they are adorable. They are not doing this to look cute. They curl up to warm themselves while sleeping. Dogs have natural warmth in their body that they can actually produce heat for their comfort. They also protect their vital organs while sleeping and in order to do this, they have to curl up as a first base to defend them from any possible harm.



Unpleasant smell for us, but HEAVENLY for them.


Other breeds of dogs have this skill to smell the scent of something even if it is three hundred years old. However, most of them usually like smells that are unpleasant to us people. We might think that it is something like its own fetish, but no. They do not smell it as unpleasant and gross. What may be unpleasant to us are heavenly for them.



Albert John
Albert John

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