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Fun Games Your Cat Will Love

by Albert John August 29, 2017

Fun Games Your Cat Will Love

Cats are not really into playing alone due to their highly-developed determination to pursue prey. Because of this, cats would really love it once you play with them. Try these fun games to give your cat an excellent workout within more or less than 10 min.


  • Crumpled Paper.

Cats are fond of toys that make a crinkle sound. You can throw a crumpled paper on the floor for your cat to wrestle, chase and catch.


  • Light.

Cats love the reflections of light. Try catching light with a CD, a watch, or any item that has a light. You can bounce it on a floor, on the wall or any surface that’s safe. Don’t use laser pointers to avoid damaging your cat’s eyes.



  • Tablet Games for Cats.

Nowadays, you can download games for your cat to your tablet! These apps feature moving mice, fish, and some motion graphics that are designed for cats.


  • Paper Bag.

A paper bag that’s empty can be one of your cat’s toys. You start laying the bag on its side for your cat to play inside. Then poke and scratch the sides wile your cat flickers at the sound and movements from the inside.


  • String and Feather.

Buy a wand toy or you can make one with a stick, a bell, a feather or a string. Slowly pull it away from the view of your cat as your cat grabs after it under furniture, around corners, and even leaps to catch it in the air.

Albert John
Albert John

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