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Food For Our Other Family: Pet Clever Cat Food

by Sarene Maev Butao January 09, 2019


Food For Our Other Family: Pet Clever Cat Food

Often, we find ourselves thinking, “Am I giving my kitty cat good food?” We ask this question mainly because we mostly grab a cat food that’s marked “healthy” without giving any thought if it suits their nutritional needs. Some of the cat foods in the market are too processed that only has the basic dietary needs.

Since time immemorial, our majestic cats didn’t always live with us in our homes but rather on the wild where they get to hunt for their own food. Obviously, they need to eat as much as they could to nourish their small bodies. Nowadays, it’s hard to serve them food that they would usually eat in the wilderness and thus, it’s your role as the owner to bring the wilderness to them.

Two Types of Cat Food

It’s common knowledge amongst cat lovers around the world that the two types of cat food are wet and dry food. The wet food is generally considered the better of the two since it’s 78 percent water while the dry food only has 10 percent water. It also makes your sad kitty cat dehydrated since they mostly get hydrated through their diet. However, dry food is easy to store and keep, making it convenient.

Most pet owners get the best of both worlds through mixing dry and wet food to overall balance their nutrition. But all of your efforts will go to waste if you don’t buy premium quality cat food.

Raw Meat?

One good way of balancing the diet of your lovely kitties is through giving them raw meat. Providing your felines with raw meat might seem like a crazy idea, but before their domestication, they used to utilize their adorable paws to pounce on animals and hunt their game. Raw meat such as chicken and pork liver would give them the kind of nutrients that they used to consume way back. However, there are certain dangers your poor furball would encounter if they eat raw meat on the spot.

There might be bacteria and germs in the meat that could harm them critically, and one way of killing them off is to freeze the meat around three weeks and thaw it so that the bacteria would surely die. It could also be expensive for some since not everyone could afford to buy raw meat just for their cats and vegetarians would lose their minds.

So how do we compensate for the rich nutrients that our charming kitty cats would usually get from meat while staying on the safe side and save money? The answer to that excellent question would be:

Pet Clever’s Cat Food!

The cat food recently formulated and made by Pet Clever is thoroughly prepared to fit your furball’s needs. It’s a cat food specially made for your cat and your comfort! The cat food offers your little feline with sufficient nutrients and balancing their diet. There are no artificial flavoring or ingredient to appeal to your kitty cat’s taste buds and tastes fantastic for them!

Deliciously Nutritious!

The high-quality ingredients are already a given, so Pet Clever focused most of their attention on the proper balance of the nutrients in every cat food they made. Through this, your cat could have all of the necessary nutrients to keep their bodies healthy and lively. Veterinarians formulate it with a goal in mind – a healthier cat lifestyle!

The cat food is also tasty for your felines. Our usual mindset when it comes to food is that the more repulsive the food’s taste is, the more it’s nutritious. However, that mindset was blown off the shores by Pet Clever by making an enticing, delicious and nutritious cat food! You won’t have to worry one thing about the validations since the product is FDA and AAFCO approved. Since they’re made in the USA, it could only be shipped nationwide also.

Unique Shipping Feature

Some companies sell products such as paper and send the product to your doorstep or office every month. The provider charges the buyer monthly and delivers the product without having to re-order or get out of stock. The Pet Clever’s Cat Food works in the same way!

They automatically ship you the cat food monthly without having to worry about re-ordering or running out of food to feed them as long as you’re in the USA, in the country the product is made. It saves you the hassle of running around the city looking for open pet stores. The provider also gives you the option of canceling the monthly subscription anytime you want.

Maintaining Healthy Diet

Since Pet Clever’s Cat Food solved the issue of providing the best cat food to your kitty cat, there’s still a need for you to maintain their diet so that they won’t overeat. The tastiness and soulful cat food would leave your cat craving for more, and they usually eat food as long as it’s placed near them.

The best approach for this would be to feed them once or twice a day. If you have kids or early work, it might be hard for you to feast your poor kitties, so it might be ideal to feed them during the evening and vice versa. If you opt for twice a day, be sure to divide the portions evenly so that they won’t overeat and try to feed them every morning and evening.


Our cats, no matter how crazy they might be regarding their diet, we have to provide them with the best possible nutrition to keep them healthy and active. Through giving them a balanced diet, proper food timing, and appropriate cat food, they will be in good health and live longer.

Pet Clever’s Cat Food is the perfect example of ideal cat food your cat should be eating, and the sheer amount of effort and dedication placed to make the formula as close to perfection as possible is truly evident. If you shift your kitty cat’s diet into Pet Clever’s Cat Food, you surely won’t regret the decision since it’s the best cat food available!

Sarene Maev Butao
Sarene Maev Butao

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Kathy Breckenridge
Kathy Breckenridge

January 13, 2019

What are your prices on the can cat food

Kathy Breckenridge
Kathy Breckenridge

January 13, 2019

What are your prices on the can cat food

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