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Feeding Your Kitten From Birth Up To 3 Months

by Albert John March 23, 2018

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Feeding Your Kitten From Birth Up To 3 Months

The kitten is going to need proper care and nutrition if you are thinking of getting a kitten, whether 3 weeks or 6 months old. Feeding grown felines could appear like an easy duty. However, feeding kittens could be a little harder. Here is how much to feed them:

From Birth to 4 Weeks

  • Milk of Its Mother

During this time, it is really best that the kitten is still with its mother. However, even so, there could be issues. Have the vet examine it out if the mama cat refuses to nurse. She can have mastitis or anything that makes nursing uncomfortable.

  • Hand-Feeding

You would have to hand feed the kitten with a bottle if the mama cat refuses to take care of the kitten. KMR is one brand of milk that could be seen at major pet shops. The vet might also have a recommendation for the formula. It is significant for the kittens to nurse for at least the 1st 48 hours if possible at all.

From 4 to 8 Weeks

  • Weaning

This is a slow procedure. Offer the kittens a mix of cat milk replacement (3 parts) with dry kitten food (one part) or milk replacement (2 parts) or wet kitten food (one part). Slowly reduce the liquid.

From 2 Months up to 3 Months

  • Cat Food

Kittens must be solely feeding on kitten food by ten weeks. During this time, kittens develop their preferences for food that would stay with them forever. Dry food or we food varies on you. Only in unique circumstances selected by the vet should you provide a kitten supplement.

Albert John
Albert John

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November 15, 2018

I LIKE TO TRY MY CAT ON RAW MEAT BUT I would need a recipe on how to make it you did every thing so fast I did not get everything did you use chicken products please reply back to me.

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