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Facts About Golden Retrievers

by Albert John August 01, 2019

Facts About Golden Retrievers

What is a Golden Retriever?

 The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dogs in the United States of America. They can be a great pet and they are excellent working dogs, as well. Retrievers are dogs that are medium-sized that are identified due to their golden coats. They are fond of the water and they really are great retrievers. Also, they possess a soft mouth that allows them to carry a game without even damaging it. Their golden coats are waterproof and dense. And they have a life span of approximately 11 years.

Golden retrievers as Working Dogs

Similar to any other dogs, Golden Retrievers were primarily bred to work. On the start, they were intended as hunting dogs. But, they have been also utilized in some areas because of their obedience, intelligence, and their desire to perform. It is a fact that they love to work. However, they also have the patience to wait when needed and sit still. As of today, they are used for search and rescue dogs, guide dogs for the blind, hearing dogs for the deaf, narcotics detection dogs, and for hunting as well.

Golden Retrievers as Pets

Golden Retrievers are very popular as pets due to its good demeanor. They are usually calm, intelligent, athletic, loving, and eager to please. Typically, they are easy to train and they are gentle towards the kids and other animals around them. However, they won’t be the best guard dog you could ever have since they are too friendly, unaggressive, and almost nice to all people, including strangers.

Albert John
Albert John

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