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Facts About Cat Whiskers

by Albert John April 03, 2018

Facts About Cat Whiskers

Do you ever wonder why a cat has whiskers? Well, they might look great. However, they are also the best tool kit for the communication and sensory of your cat. Aside from figuring out where the cat is going, whiskers also tell the cat whether it would fit through gaps; whiskers also serve as a clear demo of its mood.

Here are some facts about cat whiskers:

  • Whiskers are Very Sensitive

The whiskers of a cat are rooted extremely deeper in its skin than its regular fur, and the portion around the whiskers has an extremely high amount of blood and nerves. This makes the tips of the whiskers very sensitive that it could detect even the tiniest alteration in the breeze direction. Actually, it could cause your cat pain if you’re messing with its whiskers due to the sensitivity. It could also be disturbing for your cat to eat out a bowl that pushes the whiskers of your cat. That is why use a plate instead when feeding your cat.

  • Are not Just on the Nose

A cat also has shorter whiskers on the backs of her front legs, on its chin, and above its eyes.

  • Identify if it Fits

The cat’s whiskers on the nose are typically as long as the width of your cat. Thus, it helps the cat to figure out how big the opening is and whether or not it would fit through. Several individuals say that if a cat gains weight, its whiskers get longer.

Albert John
Albert John

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