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Elevated Dogs Bowls and Its Benefits

by Albert John March 22, 2017

Elevated Dogs Bowls and Its Benefits

Dog bowls are not always included to the list of concerns of most people who own dogs. They only think that as long as their dogs have some place to eat, it is fine already. It seems alright to them even if they only use a small feeding bowl for their dogs. This is fine as long as you are also that kind of owner who is very meticulous when it comes to cleanliness around the house. If you, yourself, can’t even practice the proper cleaning of your place, then you must immediately switch to having not just a simple bowl for your dogs but those that are elevated. You are probably thinking about the ‘why’ questions right now.

Dog bowls are connected to dogs’ lives. You might not think about it all the time. Obviously, you settle for your plates which are most of the time place at the table. Why would you even think about it? It is a must that we understand how dog bowls greatly matter to dogs. Here is a rundown list of benefits when you let your dogs use elevated dog bowls.

Keep hygiene and cleanliness.

One of the most important things in everyone’s life is the cleanliness and hygiene. You need not ask, actually. Cleanliness is the path to a good health. Dogs need a clean surrounding for sanitary purposes as much as humans do. Good for us that we know how to speak when we feel something bad inside our body but dogs don’t. They suffer before humans can even tell what they are actually feeling. Let us protect their health and forward cleanliness!

Develop better posture.

If you think posture is not important to dogs, you are definitely wrong. When dog bowls are elevated, they won’t need to exert so much in bending their heads when eating. Somehow, these elevated dog bowls keep the level of the head that prevent the posture from getting too stressed. Imagine yourself as the dog and you’re given a low dog bowl. Just thinking about it makes your neck in pain, eh?

Easy swallowing of food.

At this moment, try to imagine that you are a dog and you swallow your food with heads down. Difficult? Yes. Even humans are not good at this. Dogs with mega-esophagus even have difficulty in swallowing with their heads down. This is basically the reason why elevated dog bowls are of prime importance for dogs.


Albert John
Albert John

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