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Dumb Dog Breeds

by Albert John January 12, 2018

Dumb Dog Breeds

In the world of dogs, there is a place for dumb canines. There is also a reason why they are dumb.

Dog breeds that are recognized as dumb were developed that way by us. These are typically bred and inbred of dogs to be companions to royals a long time ago. Of course, this type of dogs should have 1 certain trait, like tracking and strength. This trait doesn’t need intelligence.

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The dog’s slightly buggy and big eyes might look deep. However, there is nothing there. These canines are really sweet companion dogs that have a history of being inbred. The reason for this is that the royals who developed them helped establish this brain deficiency. They are affectionate and cheery, that is why a lot of individuals still love them.


  • Rottweiler

It is really a mystery why this dog got a spot on the top 10 smart breeds. For those who do not know, Rottweiler is known for having issues learning and focusing commands. You are very lucky if your Rottweiler knows who you really are. However, these canines are very affectionate and loyal.


  • Beagle

The learning capabilities of a beagle are very limited, even though it has won at Westminster. However, there is one exception; the sense of smell of this dog is amazing. That is why you could see several Beagles on airports. They usually work in finding contraband. Beagles are also very sweet breed and is loves its family.

Albert John
Albert John

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