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Dogs Jumping Up On People: Can It Be Corrected?

by Albert John January 04, 2018

Dogs Jumping Up On People: Can It Be Corrected?

Often, dogs jump up on people. They tend to stand on their rear legs on the person with their front paws. Well, this is kind of normal for a young dog. Wild canids’ puppies do this kind of behavior all the time. Although to others, this is a mistake most especially if your dog is very huge. It could possibly shock the person your dog may jump up on. Luckily, you can eliminate this behavior in at least a week or less, and commonly, we don’t think you have to say anything. Here are some things you can do:


  • Prevent physical corrections

Other trainers endorse utilizing a physical correction to stop jumping. This type of correction is not commendable since they might teach the dog to fear you, which could result the confusion. Physical correction or punishment may teach a dog what he must not do, however, it will not teach the dog what to do. You have to teach the dog what action is anticipated from him.


  • Ignore the behavior

The moment a dog jumps on you, just ignore this behavior of your dog. Turn and then step away without actually speaking to the dog. Don’t touch him or push him off and don’t establish an eye contact. Later on, the dog will realize soon that jumping isn’t acceptable since he received no attention.


  • Teach the right response

To stop jumping up, it is great to teach your dog an alternative behavior to it. Ensure that you give positive reinforcements during the times that your dog does the right thing.

Albert John
Albert John

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