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Dog Teeth Issues In Puppies

by Albert John February 16, 2018

Dog Teeth Issues In Puppies

Of course, you don’t want teeth problems for your dog. However, what could you do to avoid it? Canines could suffer from a lot of dental issues and illnesses. You could head off several of these issues and even prevent some from happening by keeping an eye on the teeth of your dog.

Too Much Teeth

A puppy is born with around 28 baby teeth found inside its gum that starts coming out at two weeks. All of the teeth would be visible at eight weeks. In almost all situations, at eight up to 12 weeks, the deciduous teeth begin to fall off and are substituted by 48 adult teeth.

There will be several cases where the baby teeth won’t fall off, which make your puppy have a lot of teeth. This is not good since the adult teeth will be crowded and would grow at strange angles. If this happens to your dog, you should visit your vet to have the baby teeth removed before it is too late.

Broken Teeth

A puppy loves to chew on anything. It could break its tooth if your puppy chews on a thing that’s hard including dog toys that are very hard. The root canal can be exposed if a tooth breaks far down. This could lead to an infection. If something like this occurs, a vet must fit your puppy with a crown. A crown is the same thing that your dentist would give if you  have tooth cavity.

Albert John
Albert John

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