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Dog Sounds And Their Meaning

by Albert John February 14, 2018

Dog Sounds And Their Meaning

If you are living with dogs, then you are probably living with sound – such as growling, whining, howling, and of course, barking. You have got an entire lot of sound.

However, do you ever wonder what does those sounds they make mean? Well, here are some common sounds that a dog makes and what they really mean.


Everyone knows that barking is what dogs typically make. It is sort of their thing. Though, dogs do it for a lot of reasons.

They bark if they’re seeking attention, bored, excited, anxious, or replying to other canines. According to a study, vocalizations that are low-pitched appear to show that a dog feels upset or threatened. On the other hand, high-pitch noise appears to mean a dog wants to take part with something or someone. But, high-pitched and long sounds may mean a dog is fearful or anxious.


There is nothing pretty like the view of a canine throwing its head back and letting out a long and deep howl like he is showing its inner wolf.

There are a lot of reasons for dog howling. This includes announcing his location to its pack, telling other dogs to keep away since he claims this as his territory, or to vocalize pain. Also, several dog how to capture attention to them or because they feel that they are lonely. Several dogs hear howling and want to join in. You could see a lot of videos of that on the internet.

Albert John
Albert John

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