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Dog Leash and Why You Should Use Them

by Albert John June 20, 2017

Dog Leash and Why You Should Use Them

Many people are divided on the opinion of using a Dog Leash. Some people advocate against it, saying that it is too cruel for dogs. But for me, I say otherwise. Dog Leashes are important, and here is why.

It Keeps them Safe

First and foremost reason on why you should use a Dog Leash is that it keeps your dogs safe. When you try to walk or have your dogs exercise, it is imperative to have a leash. If you don’t have one, they may stray away unexpectedly from you.

It keeps them from harming others

Living in an urban area can be stressing not only for you, but especially for your dogs. There are a lot of strangers or stray animals that pass around your area that might agitate your dog. Having a Dog Leash keeps them from attacking a seemingly innocent person that passes by, or they might pick up an useless fight with a stray dog.

These two reasons are enough to convince me that Dog Leashes are important, and that can be an enough reason for you too. If you are planning now to buy and use one, consider these safety tips first.

  • Dog Leash size should be appropriate for the size of your dogs.
  • When walking your dog, avoid dragging or pulling him because you might injure him, especially if the dog is your or very old. If he is reluctant to move forward, just wait for him and call him in a happy voice.
  • Inspect and maintain the good condition of your leash, replace or mend them immediately if it is torn.
Albert John
Albert John

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