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“So-You-Think-That’s-Normal” Dog Habits

by Albert John March 21, 2017

“So-You-Think-That’s-Normal” Dog Habits

You are probably one of those people who have seen these weird and consistent dog habits. Yes. We all have seen it. While we are living in a community where we are so good at identifying what are normal and what are not, these dogs defy the norms and created their own. Believe me, these dogs have their own weird and funny habits that they even think those are normal! You might be thinking right now about it but can’t totally process what these dog habits are. If we think these dog habits are weird, try to see first because we might catch our hearts out.

Understanding the behaviors of dogs is definitely a good thing. Aside from the benefit of knowing what they are really into, you also give them the chance to introduce themselves and allow you to know them better. Here are some of the dog habits you may have long been seeing but did not have the idea that they are even weird.

Sleep in piles.

You sure are thinking about how adorable they are when they sleep in piles. But, no. They do not sleep in piles just so human could find them adorable and immediately get compliments. It comes from an evolutionary standpoint where dogs are pack animals. They come and go together because they feel that being around their mates make them feel safe and warm. You can always give them warm beds and your hugs but, unfortunately, you are not one of the pack so they will always find the warmth of their littermates.

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Fetching things.

If you have already gotten used to having your dogs fetch because you both get to have fun, here is a better reason why he loves fetching everything you throw. Fetching is learned response. Dog has a hunting instinct that when you throw something, they immediately have this set notion in mind “It must be prey!” so they always take the chance to grab it.

Peeing while standing on front legs.

Sometimes, we find this quite funny and at the same time, cute. For some reason, dogs do not do handstand to show an exhibition. Urinating is their one way of marking their turf. Dogs do this one of those dog habits to cover the urine left by dogs of higher positions.



Albert John
Albert John

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