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Dog Devices That You Must Have

by Albert John January 17, 2018

Dog Devices That You Must Have

For the past thousands of years, dogs have stayed the same – protective, loyal, and loving – they truly are the man’s best friend. While dogs have not changed a lot, modern technology did. This made our communications with them more practical and fun.

Here are some of the current dog technology devices that you should have to improve your relationship with your dog:

Pet Door scanners

Each day, do you have any idea how many times your pet goes in and out the door? Have you ever experience forgetting to lock it? Are you worried that maybe some strange animal might enter your house? Well, lucky for you, the Microchip Pet Door Connect exists. This device works with the current microchip of your dog to scan it every time he goes through the door. This will allow you to monitor him via an application. The application links to the internet through the HUB, which is separately sold.

Pet Cams

There are few fun and new pet cams on the dog tech industry that lets you keep an eye on your pooch. There are even some that sends your dog treats or enable your dog to see anywhere you are.

One device is the PetChatz. This is a 2-way cam that lets your dog and you see each other through the PetChatz application for you and a full-color screen for your pooch. Also, it has a feature called “calming scent”, sound and motion detection, and treat dispenser.

Albert John
Albert John

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