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Does Your Dog Have A Tooth Infection?

by Albert John November 09, 2017

Does Your Dog Have A Tooth Infection?

Dogs, similar to humans, have also tendencies to have a tooth infection. Here are some signs that may signal if your dog has a tooth infection or not.


Regardless of the fact that an infection on a dog’s tooth is excruciatingly painful, dogs are pros at concealing the pain. They do this based on their instincts. This is because of the fact that in the wild, weak animals are a target for predators. Hence, animals usually attempt to hide any signs of illness, pain or injury. These instincts run deep even though your furry friend is everybody’s favorite and has nothing to be afraid of in the safety of his home.


Your dog will frequently show no signs of a tooth infection at all. Of course, dogs do not point to their face and claim, “Hey, I think my tooth hurts.” They continue to drink and eat. Their motivation to eat far overshadows any infection or pain they are having. Every day, we see several dogs with infected teeth that the owners do not notice anything. 


Indirect signs of tooth infections for dogs include not wanting to eat hard food or dry treats, not liking the mouth or face touched, not chewing on a favorite toy, rubbing or scratching the face on the floor.


If ever the tooth infection got advanced, you might notice drooling, a draining wound or swelling around the dog’s eyes. According to Dr. Huff, those symptoms are the ultimate stage of the issue and very late in the process which means your dog might be in actual pain.

Albert John
Albert John

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