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Do-It-Yourself Dress Ideas For Your Dog This Halloween

by Albert John October 25, 2017

Do-It-Yourself Dress Ideas For Your Dog This Halloween

After you have chosen the perfect costume for you. Now is the time to think about your fluffy best friend; your dog. Here are a few costumes that you can easily create for your paw friend this year so that they can be festive as well and dress up with you this incoming Halloween.


  • DIY Unicorn Dog Costume.

Dogs look very cute wearing Halloween costumes all the time. However, this do-it-yourself unicorn with a rainbow tail costume is so lovable that anyone who sees your dog in this outfit will surely have a big smile on one’s face. Ensure to take tons of photos of your dog being dressed-up as a unicorn. It is guaranteed that these kinds of photos are worthy to be treasured and shared with your friends and family.


  • DIY Superhero Halloween Costume.

Frequently, superheroes are quite a popular choice for kids during Halloween. Hence, if your child likes to be dressed up as a superhero this Halloween, then, you can match this idea to your dog’s get up, too! Through this, the moment you bring your child out trick or treating for Halloween, they’ll have their own mini superhero league. Isn’t it adorable?


  • DIY Lion Halloween Costume.

You can try dressing up your dog as the king of the jungle, a lion, this Halloween. With this DIY lion get-up that’s created by making a fuzzy mane. This costume seems to look good on dogs that have a light brown or tan color so that it will match the mane. Nonetheless, any dog can wear this costume!

Albert John
Albert John

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