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Do Cats Get Jealous?

by Albert John October 19, 2017

Do Cats Get Jealous?

A cat could display jealousy. It has the similar roots as when we exhibit this behavior when they get jealous. It bounces from lack of confidence and insecurity.

If you have a cat who attempts to get all your attention for itself, it is typically a cat who have had a deprivation or heartbreak in its past. It would hate any sign that it may be applied elsewhere once they conclude that caring and love are in short supply.

This is named zero-sum in games theory. It is utilized for unchanging, finite resource, like a cake. Cutting a larger slice for me means you will only have a smaller slice.

The jealous cat does not know that affection does not work in that approach.

We surely want to heal our jealous cat. A lot of individuals don’t realize the problem jealousy could make when you encourage it. They may feel flattered by the display of attachment, or by the focus. They think it is a directory of how much a cat loves them.

However, they are wrong.

This is not love. This is not devotion. This is shouting insecurity.

A jealous cat could also be bullying and aggressive, or fearful and shy. Either way, to make the cat pleased, we would not pamper this fallacy of theirs.

We should work to let the cat know that love is not limited and would grow to fill any bottle.

Spoiling your cat in a dysfunctional behavior by teasing them into reactions, laughing at their displays, and moving our other love displays out of the sight of the cat only expands the insecurity of the cat.

Albert John
Albert John

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