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Disadvantages Of Owning A Dog

by Albert John December 13, 2017

Disadvantages Of Owning A Dog

As much as we love dogs as our pets, similar to any other things, owning one has some of its disadvantages as well. To know more about these drawbacks, here are some of them:

  • Dogs need attention and time.

Any dog can guarantee that there is nothing helpful to your mental health about arriving home to a dog who has been trapped out inside your house on his own the entire day. Dogs require exercise on a daily basis and mental stimulation for them to stay well-balanced and stay calm.


  • Owning a dog could limit your social activity.

Dogs can be left alone for a limited time only. You will be able to take him with you to run errands, visit friends, or even sit outside a coffee shop by training your dog. However, you cannot leave for an instant weekend away without primarily arranging care for your dog.


  • Dogs can be damaging.

Any dog could get an accident at home occasionally, especially when he has been left alone for too long or he’s sick. Meanwhile, other dogs tend to destroy cushions or chew shoes. Exercise and training can help lessen their destructive and negative behavior.


  • Dogs need responsibility.

Regardless of their breed or size, most dogs can inflict injury on people once they are not responsibly handled by their owners.


  • Dogs transmit health risks for other people.

As there are other diseases that could be acquired from dogs to their human handlers, the most typical health risk of owning a dog is allergies.

Albert John
Albert John

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