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Controlling The Tick On Your Pet

by Albert John November 21, 2017

Controlling The Tick On Your Pet

In controlling your pet’s tick, products that repel and kill ticks are frequently needed. There are a lot of pet products that varies and these include the following:



1.) Monthly Topical.

Once a month topical insecticides are smeared to a small area on your pet’s back, are possibly the easiest products to use. Also, it generally last the longest. Others kill ticks and fleas, while some just kill fleas. Thus, you have to carefully check the label. Generally, its ingredients include pyrethrin or fipronil, which is, by the way, harmful to your pet.


2.) Sprays.

Tick and flea control sprays can be in a pump bottles or aerosols. Upon using one, you don’t have to soak your pet with the spray, rather ensure that you spray it to every part of the animal. To apply the product around the ears and eyes, spray a minimal amount on a cotton ball and apply and make sure that you don’t get any of these products in their eyes. 

3.)  Powders.

Basically, powders are easy to apply. However, it can make a mess. If you or your pet happens to have an asthma, powders might not be the best option of product because the powder could be inhaled. So, make sure to use powders in an area that is well-ventilated. Often, powders also contain pyrethrin.


4.) Dips.

Rinses and dips are applied to the entire animal. They basically have some residual activity. According to the veterinarian and manufacturer’s directions, they must be applied in well-ventilated areas. They also contain pyrethrin or permethrin.

Albert John
Albert John

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