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Causes And Symptoms Of Dog Bloating

by Albert John March 15, 2018

Causes And Symptoms Of Dog Bloating

For dogs, bloating is a crucial condition and it could be life-threatening. Bloating is characterized by the enlargement of its stomach on its axis. Once your dog displays signs of bloating it is indeed a medical emergency. Also, it needs an immediate medical attention from your trusted vet. Keep on reading this article to know whether your dog is bloated or not.

Signs and symptoms

One of the most usual signs of bloating in dogs is vomiting unproductively. The dog will attempt to throw up over and over however nothing comes out. They will display abdominal pain, and might seem distended and bloated in their belly. The dog will appear restless, anxious, and unable to lie down and frequently pacing, often glancing back at their belly, and sometimes assume a ‘praying’ position (a position in which your dog is stretched out with the rear end in the air and head down). As the bloating worsens, the dog will be very lethargic and depressed.



The real cause of bloating is not entirely discovered. Although there are several things that could probably predispose your dog to bloat. Commonly, body conformation is the most linked factor of why bloating takes place, as large breed dogs which are deep-chested are often affected. Moreover, a few probable risk factors include:

  • Eating rapidly
  • Vigorously exercising after eating
  • Eating from an elevated platform
  • Being underweight
  • Eating a large amount of food at once.
  • Eating one meal each day
  • Having anxious or fearful temperament.
  • Stress
Albert John
Albert John

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