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Cat Chirping

by Albert John March 01, 2018

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Cat Chirping

Your friend may questioningly look at you if you would tell him or her that you heard your cat chirping. Well, cats meow and birds chirp, right? However, if you are a cat owner, you would know that a cat makes kooky and weird sounds that they utilize to express various desires and feelings. So, cat chirping is really a skill that is wired in our cats.

Origins of Cat Chirping

It has been said that the cat chirping origins come from when they were merely kittens. A theory says that cat chirping is a method for the mom to tell her kittens to follow her. Because of this, it is also suggested that cat chirping could be utilized by a kitten to get the attention of its mom, especially if it wants to play or eat.

Reasons for Cat Chirping

Though cat chirping surely has a similarity to the noise that birds make whenever they are thrilling gleefully away, it is not meant to copy the sound of a bird. Why? Because cats would happily chirp away at squirrels or other possible food.

If we dig deeper, it appears that an aspect of frustration is vital to comprehending when and why cat chirping happens. In the wild, a feline would see, stalk, and kill its prey – however, indoor felines are clearly trapped by windows made of glass. The longer the cat looks at a bird that it can’t kill, the more the feline chirping appears to enhance. Be sure to let them churp away in a cat bed for their comfort.

Albert John
Albert John

1 Response

Sanna G
Sanna G

November 15, 2018

Poor cat Olive in the video is strangled by his pink collar, thats the reason for no noise!

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