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Cat Beds And Why You Should Buy One

by Albert John June 19, 2017

Cat Beds And Why You Should Buy One

We all love our Cats, and we know that they are creatures of leisure and comfort, they sleep for around 15 hours a day sleeping. That means they spend more than half of their life sleeping, and as owners, why wouldn't we want them to sleep as comfortably as possible.

            Cats probably can sleep anywhere they like. But as we can observe, they have a preference to lie down and take a nap in our bed, on the sofa, or in the linen closet. We get it; they like to sleep in soft surfaces. And that's why, my fellow cat owners, is why you should buy a Cat Bed. To make their life as blissfully as possible, and also to prevent them to soil your things.

Types of Cat Beds

Plastic Baskets - A Plastic Basket is one of the most common Cat Bed out there. You can put linen or a soft pillow that will fit in it, and it can be as good as any Cat Bed. Plastic baskets are also easy to clean, and you can put disinfectant in it.

Wicker Baskets - Wicker Baskets are like plastic baskets, except that they are made of wood. They are better aesthetically, but they are harder to clean, and Cats have the tendency to chew on them.

Donut Cat Beds - These Cat Beds are fashioned in the shape of Donuts. It is all soft materials, and the middle is stuffed with linen and pillows. It is the most comfortable Cat Bed, but it requires regular cleaning.

Things to Consider

            Before making or buying a Cat Bed, consider first the size of your Cat. Most Cat Beds are good enough for any Cats, but if yours is an extra larger one like a Maine Coon, then consider a proportional Cat Bed for it.

            Also, make sure that your Cat Bed is always clean. Cats prefer clean places, so you have the duty to make it so. A dirty Cat Bed can also be a source of diseases or parasites, so make sure to clean them regularly.

Albert John
Albert John

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