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Cat Bathing

by Albert John April 10, 2018

Cat Bathing

A lot of individuals think that felines do not require brushing or baths. Well, regular baths could be useful for most cats and they would benefit from brushing regularly, despite the popular stereotype of aversion of cats to water.

Cats that Require Baths

Particular breeds and mixed breeds with thick and long coats benefit from bathing regularly. This could help lower down the matting. Combing and brushing for these breeds are also essential. Why? Because the cleaner its fur, the less it would mat and tangle. Siberians, Ragdolls, Himalayans, Persians, Norwegian Forest Cats, Maine Coons, and Birmans all have dense and long coats that need regular bathing and frequent brushing.

How Frequent must you Bath your Cat?

The bathing frequency varies on the skin and coat of that hair of the cat. According to professionals, this could depend based on the coat color and texture of the coat. As an unspoken rule, cats with long hair must receive a bath, dry and brushed out at a minimum of every 56 days for them to keep the fur from ever becoming tangled. If the coat of the cat feels very cottony or mats easily, then they might require more bath schedules to maintain their coat in good condition.

Over-Bathing a Cat

According to professionals, there are no circumstances where they found a cat will not benefit from a good bath. If the person has knowledge about cat bathing and utilizes cat-safe and high-quality shampoo, over-bathing is almost not possible.

Albert John
Albert John

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