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Can’t Find Your Cat?

by Albert John September 08, 2017

Can’t Find Your Cat?

Other cats disappear for long hours. They are just utilizing their hiding places they consider as a nap spot. As you can see, cats patrol their territories most of the time. For cats, living indoors signifies that they are continuously looking through every cranny and nook. Once they already found a spot that is hidden and secluded, they will more likely get inside. If it is comfortable enough for them, they might just fall asleep.


Once that spot is out of sight, you might not find your cat for a while. Usually, calling your cat’s name does not always work. Once they are fast asleep, even a sound of a can of a cat food getting opened might not get through her or him. This could be a frightening experience the moment you cannot find your cat anywhere.


What should you do about this?

The moment you cannot find your cat, immediately look for her or him. Recall where his or her nap spots are and ensure that they are safe. Limit your access to closets or drawers to prevent getting your cat trapped inside them while you are away. Create a habit of keeping the appliances in your home shut, like the dryer washer and so on. After that, guarantee that you already have checked your appliances twice or even thrice before you switch them on.


You can also provide safe alternatives. If you cat likes to get a nap in a closed area, consider buying a “cat cave”. These beds for cats provide a sense of isolation in a safe way. Moreover, you can place these cave in the quiet parts of your home.

Albert John
Albert John

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