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Can Dogs Eat Strawberries And Grapes?

by Albert John March 19, 2018

Can Dogs Eat Strawberries And Grapes?

What fruits could a dog eat? We are sure that it has occurred to you to ask that question. Could a dog eat grapes? Can dogs eat strawberries? Well, here is the answer for your questions.


Are strawberries safe for your dog to eat? Could they eat it? The answer is yes. However, you must likely remove the stem and leaves that stays on top of the fruit. But, this fruit will be okay for your canine to eat.


For good reason, this is one of the most popular fruit-dog questions. For reasons that stay almost fully unnoticed to science, a dog experiences severe adverse effects whenever they eat either grapes or raisins (their shriveled cousins). Seedless or seeded, green or purple, it does not appear to matter. A dog has been seen to start having excessive urination and vomiting fits within mere hours of eating raisins or grapes. Within just several days, a dog has experienced failure in its kidneys, lost into comas, and worst, died from eating it.

The best action course is to directly proceed to a vet if you see your dog eat a grape. The vet would induce vomiting. Not every dog reacts in that way to raisins or grapes. However,  isn’t it worth taking your chance? It is best to keep raisins, grapes, or other byproducts or products away from them since the cause of the reaction of dogs to grapes is still not known by people.

Albert John
Albert John

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