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Can Dogs Have Mangos?

by Albert John February 02, 2018

Can Dogs Have Mangos?

Mangoes are good and delicious for us with their juicy and sweet interior and tough, yet edible skin. Every mango is packed full of minerals and vitamins. However, can our dogs eat them too?

This question may give you 2 completely different answers. In total, all professionals agree that mangoes are safe for our pooches. However, several professionals may not suggest feeding it to them. Let us find out more about it.

Is it Safe?

First and foremost, certainly do not feed your pooch the mango’s pit. The mango’s skin may be too hard for a dog to digest as well. However, the fruit part – the main part – of a mango is a good source of vitamin E, C, B6 and A, and it is safe for them.

Caution for some Dogs

While mangoes have tons of amazing benefits, should you give them to your pooch? Well, several professionals do not think so. According to them, a mango is safe in a way that they are not toxic. However, they do have tons of sugar. A lot of professionals do not encourage feeding a lot of fruits to pooches because of this particular reason.

According to USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), an entire mango has 46 grams of sugar per fruit. Though sugars that are fruit-based are good in moderation, too much sugar in the diet of a dog can lead to health issues in the future. Diabetes is a good example for such illness. Give your dog a toy to play with instead of fruit. Shop here.

Albert John
Albert John

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