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Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?

by Albert John November 24, 2017

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?

Though several dogs might attempt to eat almost anything, one thing that appears to grasp a big attraction for a lot of dogs is a cat food.

On the surface, cat and dog foods might appear quite the same. However, there are several significant differences. Felines are force carnivores. This means they require to eat meat as their central source of food. On the other hand, dogs are omnivores. They require a diet with more fiber. Yet, there’s meat in a dog food. So, why does a dog fiercely desire the food of a cat?

According to a professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia, Sharon Crowell-Davis, since a dog cannot tell us why it loves cat food, she guessed that the high content of protein has an effect on the flavor.

Dr. Crowell-Davis even utilizes cat foods as substitutes for several of her dog patients since the taste stimulates the dogs

However, simply because something tastes great does not mean we must eat it every time. Dr. Crowell-Davis compared dog and cat food to humans and cake. It isn’t really the greatest thing for the diet. We also would become very sick if we ate nothing but a cake. However, it isn’t going to harm us as an occasional treat.

However, she points out that with several dogs, cat food could cause issues because dogs are not developed to have a diet with high density of protein.

For the health and safety of your pet, limit the diet of your pet to food that has been specifically developed for its species.

Albert John
Albert John

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