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Buying A Bed For Your Dog? Here’s What You Need To Know

by Sarene Maev Butao December 14, 2018

Buying A Bed For Your Dog? Here’s What You Need To Know

Everyone needs a bed. It is difficult to imagine someone sleeping on the floor with no comfort. And no, we are not just talking about human beings here but we are referring to our beloved canine companions. Aside from healthy food and the love and care we must give to our dogs, providing a comfortable sleeping area is also part of our responsibility as pet owners. Most pet owners make the common mistake of letting dogs sleep anywhere they want or just letting them sleep on the floor. That is a big no-no. Dog beds provide various benefits to our dogs and play a very essential role on our dog’s overall well being. Not to mention a great comfortable option is also shoes for dogs.

Do you imagine yourself spending a night on the floor with just some blankets thrown over after a really tiring day? No, right? The same can be said for our dogs. That is why we are here to guide you in choosing and shopping dog beds. Read on below to successfully provide a comfy and cozy sleeping area for your pooch.

My dogs sleeps perfectly on the floor, why should I provide a bed?

Have you ever experienced waking up really tired and grumpy because you did not get a really nice sleep? Now what about your dog who just spend a night sleeping on the cold, dry floor? Dogs can benefit a lot from sleeping on a bed just like humans do.

One major benefit is that it greatly improves the behavior of your dog. Dogs can oftentimes get cranky and have behavioral issues if they do not have a great night of sleep. Moreover, a hard and uneven surface for your dog to sleep in is not beneficial for their health. Sure, you might have some pillows and a crumpled blanket to make your dog comfortable but it is not enough. Not only does this affects your dog’s behavior, but also his posture in the long run. You can prevent this by providing your pooch with his own bed!

Now that winter is here, the more reasons you should provide a bed for your dog to make his body warm and comfortable. Floors can get awfully cold during the cold season and a few blankets and dog sweater will surely not suffice. But with a dog bed, your dog is sure to get toasty warm. Dogs are extremely vulnerable when it comes to temperature change so be mindful of this.

Buying a dog bed is one of the best decisions you are going to make for your dog and for you as a pet owner. A dog bed is not an unnecessary thing to spend your money because your dog will surely appreciate it and it will change your dog’s life for the better.

Okay, now I want a dog bed. How do I get one?

Getting a dog bed is really easy. Choosing one is takes a lot of time and consideration. Remember that there are a variety of dog beds that you can choose from and it is both beneficial and tiring. Beneficial because the options are endless, meaning, you are able to choose what you really want for your dog. Tiring because then you have to be careful to not make a mistake when choosing one.

Here are some tips when choosing a dog bed for your pooch.

Where will you put the dog bed?

Will you put the dog bed in the living room? At the corner? Right below your bed? Wherever you place your dog’s bed in the house, it is going to affect your overall choice. Some dog beds are too big to be put at your room or too small to be put it in a corner. Before going out and choosing a dog bed, determine first where you want the dog bed to be placed. For example, if you want to put it under a table, make sure that the bed itself is small enough to be placed there but big enough to fit the dog.

Measure and weigh your dog

One of the common mistakes dog owners make when buying a dog bed is not weighing and measuring the dog first. You have to remember that in order for the dog to be comfortable, then he or she must fit the bed perfectly, or else the purpose of the bed is defeated. Measuring your dog is recommended to assure you that your dog will fit the bed, especially if your dog likes to stretch before sleeping. On the other hand, some dog beds are based on weight. Your dog’s weight might affect the cushion of the bed if it is not properly proportioned really well.

Select the design, style, and color well

Although not a really big factor, it does help if your dog bed also matches the overall theme and color scheme of your house. It will look odd to see an orange dog bed over your minimally designed house, wouldn’t it? You can easily match your dog bed with your house by pairing it with another piece of furniture. Have a blue sofa? Why not have a blue dog bed? Also, if you are feeling a bit risky, then you can also choose a dog bed that directly contrasts with the other furniture of your house.

Choose specific features that come with the bed

Some dog beds nowadays offers different additional services and specific features for added comfort. For example, some dog beds come with a heater and a cooler that you can use if the season demands it. Another example is if your dog has a special condition. Dog beds with thick padding or foam is perfect if your dog has an arthritis problem. If your dog prefers to be secluded and likes to hide under tables when sleeping, then he or she will truly appreciate a hooded bed for privacy. 

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Choosing a dog bed should never be a hard choice. Just remember that your dog’s safety and overall welfare must always be considered when choosing.

Sarene Maev Butao
Sarene Maev Butao

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