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Brushing A Cat’s Teeth

by Albert John February 19, 2018

Brushing A Cat’s Teeth

If you don’t brush the teeth of your cat, then don’t consider yourself a good cat owner. In this article, we will talk about why you must brush the teeth of your cat and how frequently you should brush it.

Reason for Brushing your Cat’s Teeth

Brushing the teeth of your cat is a really great idea and you are very lucky if you start it on an early age. Feline dental illness is by far the most popular health issue that vets see in their patients. So, brushing the teeth of your cat is the greatest way to avoid it. In addition to pain and bad breath, dental illness shortens the lifespan of your cat dramatically and compromises the life quality of the animal that is affected by it. Individuals who brush the teeth of their cats do their pets a huge favor, and the save a lot of money on vet bills that would happen in the future if they neglect it.

Frequency of Brushing the Teeth of your Cat

The formal suggestion is to brush the teeth of your pet once per day. But, brushing several times per week is much better than doing nothing if that is not practical.

Lastly, keep in mind that even though brushing the teeth of your cat would have a really favorable influence on its health; it doesn’t assure that he would lead a life without any dental issues. Even as a human, we still visit our dentist even if we regularly floss and brush. You can read more about the importance of cat dental hygiene here.

Albert John
Albert John

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