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Bowel Obstruction In Dogs

by Albert John March 22, 2018

Bowel Obstruction In Dogs

Bowel obstruction, which is also known as GI blockage or GI Foreign body occurs when an object causes a blockage to the normal functions and passage through of the intestines. Keep on reading to know more about this condition:


Symptoms and Signs

The indications of a partial or full intestinal obstruction are quite non-specific. The complication could be similar to other several problems and sue to this reason, the absent or reduced appetite, onset of vomiting, lethargy, abdominal pain, and diarrhea should be investigated and differentiated from other conditions.


In pets, the intestinal blockage’s symptoms commonly include vomiting but in other individuals, the early indications of this problem might be restricted to loss of appetite. As moments passes, vomiting, lethargy, and sometimes diarrhea take place. Most pets become extremely lethargic with prolonged obstruction of more than two days. Moreover, in other cases, intestinal rupture happens, which results in extreme abdominal pain and risk of death because of septicemia.



In pets, intestinal blockages are due to ingestion of objects like bones, toys, and necks. Tumors or intestinal growth could also fully or partial obstruct the usual food transit through the intestines.



To prevent bowel obstruction, you must help your dog from chewing objects, which could be swallowed and fragmented such as bones, tennis balls, stuffed toys, or plastic toys with squeaking devices inside. Young pets must be taught to play with proper toys for them and must never be encouraged to chew on things that are less appropriate.

Albert John
Albert John

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