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Best Pet Toys To Keep Your Pets Busy

by Albert John May 04, 2017

Best Pet Toys To Keep Your Pets Busy

Pet dogs are hilarious, funny and witty! We love all how they wiggle their tail and howl our names when we get back from work. They're restless and as much as you we want to snuggle them every minute, we just can't. If we're doing chores or busy finishing work, we might want to keep them busy on their own. You don't know how to do that because the pillows and balls don't work anymore? I might just have the answer to that! I will share with you some of the best pet toys you can buy for your dogs or cats.

  1. The Kong

This pet toy is the grandfather of all work-to-eat toys. This toy can be chewed infinitely because of its nearly indestructible rubber. It can actually be stuffed with different yummies. It's also available in shaped treats or anything that involves your dog's weaknesses, like cheese, peanut butter, hotdog and others. Yum yum isn't it? Imagine your pet dog squeezing this toy and enjoying the time.

  1. Bob-a-Lot

This pet toy wobbles around like inflatable "bop bags" because of its weight on the bottom. It comes in different sizes. It also allows you to out kibble inside or any small treats. This pet toy makes the meal time last ten times as long. It's good for health and behavioral purposes.

  1. Tricky Treat Ball

This pet toy is somewhat similar to the Bob-a-Lot toy. There's a hole where you can out treats or kibbles and these treats fall out when your pet pushes it. What's the good thing about this? Your dog will still keep on pushing it even after the treats are gone, hoping for more. The pet will also continue playing it, because you know, dogs really love balls.

  1. The Tug-a-Jug

You can put dry foods in this pet toy because it unscrews at the bottom. The treats you put in it will come out of a narrow hole at the top, with a rope sticking into it. If your pet keeps on pulling on the rope, the food gets dragged out. Imagine your pup spending crazy times swinging and tugging it to get the food out.

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Albert John
Albert John

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