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Best Dog Breed Companion For Hunting

by Albert John July 17, 2017

Best Dog Breed Companion For Hunting

Hunting dogs are canine that hunts for food or helps humans to hunt. There are 5 major categories of hunting dogs which are the terriers, hounds, gun dogs, dachshunds and cur type dogs. Let’s find out if your dog a hunting type without you knowing it.


Categories of hunting dogs:

 The hound category of hunting dogs are dog breeds with keen eyesight and smell. Having a big structure of body hounds often hunt are large predators like raccoons or jackrabbits. Coonhound breed are best example of hound dogs they have this keen sense of smell. They use their sense of smell to lead the hunters while on the chase for their prey. They have this loud booming barks and fearless attitude that they not even chase but kill too. They usually hunts in pack.

Hunters with shotguns are accompanied by gun dogs they are medium sized dogs, they are classified as pointing breeds and retrievers. One dog breed which is the best example for this is the Pointer. It got its name because of their hunting characteristics that when they spot a prey it freezes and points its body towards the direction of the prey. They work easily both land and water. They are the perfect companion for hunting birds in wide fields.

Terriers are used for small game hunting. They are preferred because of their short but powerful body structures. They are used as hunting dogs way back 17th century in Europe. They were trained to chase foxes out of their den. The best examples for terriers is a Jack Russell terrier which is known for being a working terrier.

Dachshund dogs are also used as hunting dogs. They may look small and cuddly but don’t be deceived because they are trained to smell, chase and kill badgers or other burrow-living animals. In the 17th century in Europe dachshunds are widely used to hunt boars, deer and smaller animals like rabbits.

And lastly are the Cur type dogs, they are similar to terriers but they hunt large animals like boars or even mountain lions. The best example for cur type of dogs is the Catahoula Leopard Hound. They are known to track their prey from miles away.

Albert John
Albert John

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