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Basics of Dog Grooming

by Albert John May 23, 2017

Basics of Dog Grooming

            Grooming is one of the responsibilities as owners of Pet Dogs. Regular grooming is important because it keeps your dog healthy and also clean, so you can hug and snuggle them without worrying of ticks or bad odor. The very basics of Dog Grooming involve brushing and bathing.

Tip #1

              All you have to determine is the regular schedule in brushing your lovely dogs, and then good and appropriate brushes. Brushing is important because it takes off ticks, lice, and other parasites.

Tip #2

For dogs that have short coats, it is preferable to use rubber brush first, and then a bristle brush, and finish it off with a soft cloth. For dogs that have dense but short coats, all you need is a slicker brush to remove the tangles first, and then finish and straighten the coats by the bristle brush. For dogs that have long coats, you will use the same slicker and bristle brush, use the same method but be extra gentle when brushing dogs that have long coats.

Tip #3

It is ideal for dog owners to bathe their pets at least once in a week or two. But if you feel that they are already dirty because of certain circumstances like soiling themselves in your outdoor play, then feel free to bathe them now and then.

Tip #4

The basic materials you need in bathing your dogs are shampoo, towel or blower. Skins of dogs are different from humans, so they need their special dog shampoos because their skin is more sensitive. It is also essential that you use lukewarm water in bathing them. Rinse them well and gently, and finish it off by using a towel and a blower.

Brushing and Bathing are the basics of Dog Grooming.

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Albert John
Albert John

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