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Are You Feeding Your Dog Too Much Or Too Little?

by Albert John October 09, 2017

Are You Feeding Your Dog Too Much Or Too Little?

Once your schedule for feeding your dog has you filling his bowl even once a day, probably your dog is not hungry. Dr. Lou Budik, a veterinarian, stated that dogs that are relatively healthy can go from up to three to five days or even longer than that without food as long as they can easily access fresh water. At least in a comfortable domestic setting, an actual hungry dog is a rarity.

This does not indicate that you must put an overweight dog on a starvation diet. However, because of the fact that nearly half of the American dogs are overweight, it does not imply that one out of two individuals who are reading this is possibly over-feeding their dog on a regular basis. The distinction between dog breeds, sizes and ages indicate that the frequency and amount of feeding is spread between multiple factors. Here are some fundamental guidelines to know if how often you must feed your dog:

  • Puppies must have 3 small meals each day.
  • Small adult dogs should have 2 small meals each day.
  • Medium to large adult dogs should take 2 well-proportioned meals each day.
  • Large to giant adult dogs must have 1 up to 2 smaller meals each day.


These are comprehensive generalizations of the proportions needed respectively.

Albert John
Albert John

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