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All you need to know about Siamese Cats

by Albert John August 01, 2019

All you need to know about Siamese Cats


            The Siamese Cats are one of the oldest breed of cats. They have been described in ancient texts and books but there are no definite information on where or when they emerged. They only got recognition on the late nineteenth century in the west, particularly in England. Thereafter, it was proclaimed as the royal cat of Siam, which is now Thailand.


            Siamese cats are nothing short of elegant, they have striking colors of lilac, seal, and chocolate in a backdrop of a milky light brown fur. A notable feature of Siamese Cats is its dark colored feet, tail, and ears that compliments its lighter fur. But the cat is most known and famous for its mask; their face, eyes, and their whiskers pad are covered with a darker color that contrasts its entire body, coupled by an imposing set of chilling blue eyes.


            The Siamese Cats are famous for their loving and demanding nature. They will always follow you around in the house, and they will be in your lap when you sit and they will be beside you when you go to bed. They are very vocal cats and they do not like being left alone.

Health and Grooming

            Like all pets, the Siamese Cats have their share of health problems that is due to their genes. Some of the issues they can face are asthma, heart defects, or Amyloidosis.

            With their fur near to their body, Siamese Cats can be groomed with ease. All they need is a weekly combing of their coat to distribute oil and remove dead hair, and also a weekly brushing of teeth.

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Albert John
Albert John

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