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All About Pomeranian Dogs

by Albert John June 07, 2017

All About Pomeranian Dogs


                  The Pomeranian Dog Breed is the smallest on in the family of Spitz Dog; it also called Dwarf Spitz, Loulou, Zwergspitz, and several others in some places. They were bred in the province of Pomerania, which is found in the far northern countries. Their closest relatives are the American Eskimo Dogs, German Spitz, Schipperke, and Norwegian Elkhound. They are characterized by their furry coats, prick ears, and wedge-shaped heads.


                  The Pomeranian is famous for its double coat; it has a shiny and straight topcoat and a soft and thick fluffy undercoat. The hairs on its neck and chest tend to grow longer, forming a frill that gives the Pomeranian a proud appearance, much like a lion. Its tail is also unique, it is plumed backward, and it lies, behind its back.

                  The coat of Pomeranian comes in any conceivable color of dogs, it can come in the appearance of black, brown, gray, gold, chocolate, tan, and several others.


                  Even though Pomeranians are small, they have big personalities. They are alert, energetic, and smart. They have the tendency to always bark and act like bigger than their size. Because of this tendency, they are good watchdogs because they will bark and alert you with anything that is not ordinary.

Health and Care

                  Pomeranian Dogs are generally a healthy breed of dog, but like all others, they may also have health issues. The most common issues of Pomeranian are its allergies, whether from food or contact. They may also develop eye problems, hip dysplasia, or dental problems.

                  Pomeranian Dogs also shed often, so you have to brush them regularly. You have to brush them thoroughly, including their undercoats. Pomeranians also love to exercise regularly, so it is better to keep them happy and fit.

Albert John
Albert John

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