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All About Jack Russell Dogs

by Albert John June 09, 2017

All About Jack Russell Dogs


            Jack Russell Terrier is a dog breed created by John Russell, hence the name. It was created in the middle of 19th century in southern England. The creator wanted the Jack Russell as a working terrier that are excellent in hunting. It became famous and known in the United States on the early years of 1930's.


            Jack Russells can come in several colors, their coat can be white, white with markings of tan or black, or the combination of the three. The white portion of the Jack Russells is what help hunters recognize the dog.

            Jack Russells have double coats with a wiry texture, they can be smooth or broken. This type of coat requires once a week brushing to remove loose and dead hears.


            Jack Russell dogs are highly energetic and lively. They enjoy playing or doing activities outdoors. They are friendly to other people and pets, although they can be aggressive towards animals that resemble as prey, like hamsters or even small cats.


            Jack Russells are known to be a strong and healthy dog breed. But like all breeds, they can have their share of health problems. These health issues only emerge when the Jack Russell reaches maturity. They have the tendency to acquire Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, which is common for all small dogs. They are also prone to deafness, Patellar Luxation, Glaucoma, and Lens Luxation.

Albert John
Albert John

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