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All About Himalayan Cats

by Albert John June 06, 2017

All About Himalayan Cats


            Himalayan Cats are not natural breeds. Meaning, they came from human intervention and breeding; they came from the cross breed of Persian and Siamese cats. The Himalayan Cats have been bred at early 1930's. Today, Himalayan Cats are cross bred with the Persians, but no longer with the Siamese breed.


            The Himalayan Cats can have coat colors of shades of white and fawn; it is complemented with darker colors in its facial mask, feet, tails, and ears. These dark colors can come in the form of chocolate, seal, lilac lynx, among several others.

            Himalayan Cats are adored because of their round appearance; they have round head, cheeks, eyes, and ears. Their necks are thick; their legs are short yet strong, and firm and rounded paws.


            Himalayan Cats are sweet and gentle, and they don't prefer noisy environments. They are excellent lap pets; they enjoy being in your lap and being petted. They are contented to sit on your sofa, chairs, or bed until you feel like giving them your attention. The Himalayan Cats make you aware of their needs through their soft and almost musical voice and their large expressive eyes.

Health and Grooming

            Like all breeds, Himalayan have their share of health issues. Because of their breeding, they have issues that mostly stems from the structure of their face. They can have breathing difficulties because of constricted nostrils, Dental Malocclusions, retinal atrophy, among several others.

            Himalayan Cats have the tendency to shed a lot. They require regular bathing and every day combing. They also need a daily brushing of teeth, to avoid periodontal disease.

Albert John
Albert John

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