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All About Golden Retriever

by Albert John June 16, 2017

All About Golden Retriever


            The Golden Retriever has been bred in Scotland in the middle of 19th Century, in the person of Lord Tweedmouth. He was famous for breeding animals and perfecting them; he was said to want to have a retriever that was excellent for hunting and as well as gentle and calm at home. Thus, he has created the Golden Retriever.


            As said, the Golden Retriever has a calm demeanor, it is sweet and wants to please his/her owners all the time. But this breed of dog has another side, the 'hunter' side of him; it is very energetic and agile when brought outside of your home.


            Golden Retrievers are a healthy and vigorous Dog breed, but like everyone else, it is predisposed to some diseases. Some of these include hip and elbow dysplasia, the common disease for large dogs where the bone doesn't fit rightly to the joint. Golden Retrievers are also prone to allergies from certain foods and pollen.

Care and Grooming

            To avoid these diseases, you have to take some precautions to keep your Golden Retriever healthy. You have to give your dog ample of time to exercise outside, ideally for 20minutes in two days. Golden Retrievers love to exercise like walking, jogging, or retrieving your ball. They also mellow out or have a better mood when they have their regular dose of exercise.

            Golden Retrievers have a thick undercoat and a water-repellent outer coat. This requires a lot of grooming, which means you have to brush it almost every other day, to remove dead hair and tangling. It is also ideal to bathe your Golden Retriever for once a month.

            Dental Care is also necessary for Golden Retrievers, brush their teeth for every day or every other day to prevent the build up of tartar and bad breath.

Albert John
Albert John

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