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All About Dachshund Dogs

by Albert John August 01, 2019

All About Dachshund Dogs


            Dachshund Dogs came from Germany; in fact, in German, Dachs means Badger and hund mean dogs. So why did the Germans name this breed as the badger dogs? For obvious reasons, this breed of dogs hunts badgers and other kinds of tunneling animals like foxes, hares, and weasels.

            The first Dachshund Dogs were recorded in the 16th century; they were described as considerably bigger back then. The Dachshunds that hunted badgers were said to be weighing 30 to 35 pounds; there were also smaller ones that weigh 16 to 22 pounds that hunt foxes and deer. Today, Dachshunds only weigh about 5 pounds, but they are also excellent in hunting or bolting rabbits.


            The Dachshunds personality depends on its breeding and upbringing. There are three kinds of Dachshunds that are characterized by their coat, the wired, longhaired, and smooth. Dachshunds that have wiry coats tends to be more active and mischievous; this is because of the terrier blood that is in them. The long-haired Dachshunds are gentle and quiet, and the smooth ones are in between of the two.

Care and Grooming

            Grooming and brushing depend on the Dachshund you have. Long haired and wired dachshunds need more brushing than smooth Dachshund’s coat. The ears of Dachshunds also require a lot of attention and care; it can be a breeding ground for bacteria or mites, so clean them regularly.

            Dachshunds are full of energy and life, so they require a certain amount of exercise. It is best that you play with your Dachshunds outside or take them for a walk. Although they love playing outside, they are not very suitable for living outdoors because of their small size.

Albert John
Albert John

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