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All About Burmese Cats

by Albert John June 14, 2017

All About Burmese Cats


            Burmese Cats came from the cross breeding of the unknown copper-colored cat breed from Burma (now Myanmar) and the Siamese Cat Breed. The first recorded Burmese cat in Britain was known as Wong Mau; at first, she was believed to be a Siamese cat that has a chocolate color, which was very unusual. But the Burmese cats have been long existing in Thailand and Burma, where there was a natural breeding of Siamese cats and the unknown cat breed.


            Burmese Cats have the appeal and personality like its Siamese ancestors, he likes the company of people and also other animals. The Burmese cats too are very vocal, although their voice is much sweeter than their Siamese ancestors. The Burmese cats are also very clingy, they love to walk alongside you whenever you go in your home, and they love to sleep beside you in bed.

Health and Care

            Cat breeds that are hybrid and mixed have the tendency to acquire some health problems. In the case of Burmese Cats, they are especially sensitive to anesthesia, and they commonly acquire gingivitis. Other health problems they may acquire include Lipemia, Diabetes Mellitus, enlarging of heart, arthritis in its elbows, and Congenital Peripheral Vestibular Disease, which causes the Burmese Cats to lose balance and coordination.

            Taking care of Burmese cats only involve occasional baths, but it is better to brush their short coat daily to distribute oils. Brushing of teeth must be a daily hygiene for Burmese Cats. It is also best to keep your Burmese Cats indoors to keep them from harm and viruses that he may acquire outside.

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Albert John
Albert John

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