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All About Bulldogs

by Albert John June 13, 2017

All About Bulldogs


            Bulldogs are a breed of dogs that are created by human intervention, they are speculated to come from an extinct dog breed called 'Alaunt.' Bulldogs are bred to be companions in livestock management; they secure animals like cattle, horses, and boars. Today, the Bulldogs are known to be an excellent domestic pet, and they are also widely known because they are used in emblems or logos by establishments like universities, and companies.


            People certainly know what Bulldogs look like, they have a medium sized, muscular, and compact body. Their head is big and spherical; they have flat facial features with their wide forehead and a muzzle that is extremely short. Their cheeks are rounded, but it protrudes sideways, their skin is also loose, and they have wrinkles in their bodies.


            Bulldogs have gentle and sweet disposition despite their rugged and muscular appearance. They are perfect for apartment living, and they get along well with people, especially children. They don't move around a lot like other dogs, and they only require a little amount of exercise.

            Don't let this information distract you, however, of the fact that Bulldogs are one of the fiercest and best watchdogs that are in existence. They are more than willing to take on any form of intruders, man or animals, that are much bigger than them.


            Bulldogs have their share of Health issues like other dog breeds. However, they are one of the sickliest dog breeds. They may suffer from skin and heart problems, not to mention they are very susceptible to hip problems and overheating, making it hard for some even to walk.

Albert John
Albert John

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