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All about Boxer Dogs

by Albert John August 01, 2019

All about Boxer Dogs


            Boxer Dogs are one of the more recent breed of dogs. They are the descendants of an extinct breed of dog that is called ‘Bullenbaiser’. They are a crossbreed of a Bullenbaiser and another breed that has been not recorded, which could possibly a bulldog, mastiff, or a Great Dane. They were developed in Germany in the 19th century, they were made to assist butchers and to control cattle in farm and slaughterhouses.


            Boxers are large dogs with compact and muscular bodies. They are square-headed and their muzzle are blunt and their jaw is undershot and flat. Their chest is broad and deep, their backs are short and firm. Boxers can look intimidating as they could be, but if you look deep in their eyes you will recognize a playful and lively spirit.


            As a reflection of their robust body, Boxers are full of energy and they are very athletic. They love being always busy, they would prefer on playing outside or exercise with you through walking or running. They also love jumping, twisting in midair, or summersaulting just to have fun and to entertain you.

            The greatest assets of Boxer Dogs, however, is their smarts, loyalty, and courage. Boxer Dogs don’t often bark, but when they do, there is a good reason. They are excellent watch dogs and they will protect their family from any form of threats.

Grooming and Needs

            Boxer Dogs have a sleek and short coat that cover their muscular bodies. This short coat requires only minimal grooming, Boxers have the tendency to groom themselves like cats. They only shed a little, but it is best to brush them once a week.

            Like all other breeds, Boxer Dogs have issues regarding their health. Some of the diseases they can acquire are Cancer, Cardiomyopathy, Hip Dysplasia, Hypothyroidism, Corneal Dystrophy, allergies, and deafness.

            To avoid these diseases, it is advisable that you exercise your Boxer Dogs regularly. It keeps their muscles toned and it keeps their blood flowing. Healthy and High quality foods can also make a difference for a healthy boxer dogs.

Albert John
Albert John

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