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Adorable Hairless Cats

by Albert John May 17, 2017

Adorable Hairless Cats

You mYou may have encountered hairless cats somewhere or saw a picture of them in the internet and thought them to be strange. They are only strange because they are unique among the rest; unlike most cats who look like balls of fur, these cat breeds have little to no hair on them.

          These cats are as adorable and friendly as the other cats out there, but they need extra care and regard. Because of lack of fur, they are exposed to the elements like rain, wind, and the sun. So they need to stay indoors or they need a portable shelter if you want to go out with them.

             Lack of fur doesn’t mean less grooming, in fact it’s the opposite, Hairless Cats needs it more than the furred ones. Skin of cats produces oil that is distributed throughout their body by simple grooming behaviors like caressing their fur. But because Hairless Cats don’t have this, their body tends to get a bit greasy, which entails more frequent bathing.

            Examples of adorable Hairless Cats are the Elf Cat, Ukrainian Levkoy, Bambino, the Peterbald,  and the famous, Sphinx Cat.

            Elf cats have a distinct characteristic of ears that are curling back, making them look like mythical elves. The Ukrainian Levkoy, meanwhile, have a distinct characteristic of drooping ears. The name Levkoy is taken from a Russian Levkoy plant that have drooping and folded leaves.

            The Bambino cats are famous not only for their Hairless feature, but also for their short and stumpy legs, which makes them cuter and more adorable. The Peterbald meanwhile is tall Hairless cat, it also have a long head and rat-like tail.

            Lastly, the Sphinx Cats, which are known with their prominent cheekbones and curious wide eyes that resembles them to the Egyptian cats of legend.

            Hairless cats are adorable, but they are not for everybody. Some people are just too busy to give them the attention and care they deserve. But if you feel like you want to own and love them, Hairless Cats are more than ready to love you.

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Albert John
Albert John

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