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6 Cat Facts You Should Start Believing

by Albert John April 25, 2017


6 Cat Facts You Should Start Believing

Have you already asked yourself how much you are so sure about pet cat? Or have you wondered at yourself while looking at your pet lick his paws if he might be a superhero? Well, for sure you don’t know that. Your cat only stares at you most of the time with its deadly glare and proceeds to be indifferent.

Cats are one of the most awesome animals we can be with. We may see them as a natural animal with distinguishable characteristics but there are unbelievable facts about them that might just blow your head off right now. They say you should never judge a book by its cover. By the looks of your pet cats, you might be thinking there are a lot of secrets inside him. Therefore, brace yourself now because you might know what your cat is up to while he is just silently lying on your floor at the moment.

Learn more from this video by The Infographic Show:

They control their ears with 20 muscles.

Can you even imagine how less stressful it would be for their muscles that they manage a pair of ears? Now you know how precious their ears are for them.

They are the most popular pet in the United States.

You might think that dogs are the most popular pets in the United States but you are definitely wrong. Pet cats consist of almost 88 million in the United States compared to dogs that are only 74 million. Great number, isn’t it?

They spend 70% of their lives sleeping.

Guess what? There are far more sleepyheads than you! You sleep so much you don’t want to have breakfast but here are the cats, sleeping more than half of their lives. I bet you want that, too.

Cat’s purr serves multiple meanings.

Do not jump into conclusion that your pet cat likes you. He is purring because of two reasons. It is either he is healing himself or he is nervous. He could also show contentment with that purrf-fect sound!

They have nearly the same brain section with humans that can control emotion. 

Now this is just the best equivalent for human emotions. Don’t you think cats are making a mark on us, too, now that we know they are also able to control their emotions? Aside from the ability to express their disgust whenever you kiss him on the forehead, they can also hide their real feelings such as pain. Don’t wonder if they don’t say ‘Ouch!’ when they stomp on something.

They have a lower social IQ than dogs.

This clearly explains why they don’t tend to socialize with us or with other cats. It is because they have lower social IQ than dogs.

Their body language might interest you too! Watch this video from Jackson Galaxy:

Albert John
Albert John

3 Responses


April 28, 2017

I wish everyone would think like Jackson does. He’s got cats pretty well figured out. My kitty boy, AJ, lets me know what he does or does not like just by his body language & meows. Love it! I reposted this video in hopes that it might help some of those unknowing cat owners. You get back from a cat what you put into them. >^..^<

nancy fazio
nancy fazio

April 27, 2017

why are my cats afraid of paperbags or their sound.

Terry Lavorino
Terry Lavorino

April 27, 2017

My big boy Buster lays on his back and I do go in for a belly rub, ever so gently. There are times he loves it and I rub his tummy all the way down to his private part without altercation. There are times (not often that he will go in “for the kill” so to speak. He is really a mush….. He will be 4 in June. He is a little bully to is little sister Cutie Pie. I have him on the Bully Solution but I am not consistent. I have to be. There are times when he doesn’t bother her for the entire day then he actually lays on top of her to groom her. Sometimes he has the stance that he wants to “do the deed” although he is neutered and she is spayed. I think he just wants to show her that he is boss.

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